Monday, January 15, 2007

WEE Wii WEE all the the grave

My fellow blogger Thirdwavedave got the ball rolling on this story. I'll add to it my own speculation. From what I could tell, the normal DJs who make up KDND's (The End) "Morning Rave" were not on the air this morning. I heard a distinctly different voice at around 8:55 AM. Now, it could be that this 3-person morning team simply had the Martin Luther King day holiday off. But what I think is more likely is that they are either being disciplined by the station, or they are being asked to keep a low profile until this story gets off the front page. That may take a while. I worked in radio and TV for years, and a three-person morning team is a big deal in a market like Sacramento. KDND is spending A LOT of money on it's morning drive time team. And because all of the money is going to pay for talent, I doubt they have their own producers. They probably are their own producers. So decisions about pulling a promotional stunt like the one that caused Jennifer Strange her life may have definitely been ones they were highly involved in. Again, let me stress this is speculation, I don't have any proof. Just my own media experience hunches. I will be very interested to find out whether Lukas, Maney and the female member of the "Morning Rave" (I don't know her name, it seems to change fairly often) will be back tomorrow.