Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is so depressing. I can't bring myself to watch Al Gore's documentary, I am afraid I would fall into a deep sleep from which I would never recover. I used to love the Academy Awards. But when it is almost inevitable that they will honor this overblown, Bush-bashing demagogue who has gone off the deep end, I just cannot take it. I didn't watch the Golden Globes this year, either. Normally I would eat that kind of stuff up. But the threat of hearing celebrity after celebrity insult the global war on terror and/or the President just because it is easy and politically correct turns my stomach. I just can't tolerate it. Whatever happened to the Hollywood of WWII? They were patriotic. They were pro-military. They opposed the evil enemy. Now they coddle up to global warming loons and global terrorists on a regular basis. And on those awards shows, no one thanks God any more. They thank their agents and their lawyers and their children's nannies. But the Creator of the universe who gave them their talent isn't even an afterthought. Maybe it's because He doesn't buy into global warming or global terrorism either.