Friday, July 14, 2006


Israel has a right to protect itself. Enough said.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


According to this, courtesy of Lucianne, the President's poll numbers are starting to inch back up. That's good news, though I personally never thought they should have tumbled in the first place. But good things are starting and continuing to happen: 1) the economy is going gangbusters, 2) Zarqawi was murdered, 3) the Iraqi government continues to take shape, 4) the Democrats don't have a coherent opposition to Iraq or anything for that matter, 5) Rove will not be indicted and wasn't even a primary source for Bob Novak, 6) the NY Times is a disgrace and the President called them on it, and the public agrees with him, and the list could go on and on. The bottom line is, we have a good President. Let's be thankful that we do, and let him do his job. Eventually the poll numbers will balance themselves out.


Friday, July 07, 2006


The Mrs. and I are having a garage sale tomorrow. It's being held at a friend's house, since we don't have an actual garage. The whole Media Matters family will be there. So if you live in the Sacramento area, come visit us at 9024 Pear Orchard Court in Orangevale from 7 AM to noon on Saturday, July 8, 2006. We'd love for you to come buy your (useful) junk!

We had a garage sale once while I was growing up. We lived in a small town in Oregon, Sweet Home (yes, that's the actual name of the town). We didn't have a garage then, either. It had been converted into a bedroom for my oldest brother. So we had a patio sale. The Sweet Home towners who came to buy our junk had to trod through the wet grass on the side of our house to get to the backyard. But they did! I was only about 10 years old at the time, but was so excited. This one woman bought something for 40 cents. She gave me a dollar. I was so nervous making change for her. I gave her 6 dimes! It was only later that it dawned on me I could have given her 2 quarters and a dime. Oh well, at least my math was correct.

When I was single and moved into my first apartment, I bought all my living room furniture at garage sales. I found this gnarly plaid couch. It was a doozy. I loved it. But when I got married, you can bet my wife made sure it was one of the first things to go. I miss that ugly couch. It had character!

Wish us luck for tomorrow. We're going to need it. We need lots of strangers to come buy our junk.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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