Wednesday, August 31, 2005


PRAY FOR LA.: Last night I was sitting in my comfortable home, safe and sound. I began to worry for the people of Louisiana (LA), Mississippi (MS), and Alabama (AL). Here in my convenient and safe home I had the option of watching TV, blogging, reading or sleeping. Many of the people in those three states had none of those options last night or now. And so I felt compelled to pray for them. I kept it short and simple, focusing on these three things.

1) That in this time of great need, people would be reminded to seek God.
2) That miraculously the flood waters would begin to recede and not continue to flow into cities like New Orleans.
3) That tensions, looting and violence would be minimal so that panic doesn't set in.

It's not that my prayers are perfect, or any more important than the prayers of others. Just that I didn't know what else to do and wanted to encourage others to pray as well.


Friday, August 26, 2005


CALLING ALL SOLDIERS: Earlier this week, a caller on the Sean Hannity Show said her son was leaving this week for basic training. She described his decision to join the military as a "calling", as if it was something he was born to do. She said she was very proud of her son and his decision, and indeed we all should be.

For those like me who grew up in Christianity, we're familiar with the idea of a "calling." It seems it is most closely identified with religion, as if God has "called" you into the ministry, spoke to you directly and told you to become a pastor or a missionary. But I believe it can be applied to other fields as well, outside of religion. After all, this young man felt "called" to be a soldier. And in these dangerous times that we live in, we should all be thankful he did.

I read an interesting book that talks about this drive in men and boys. "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge talks about how God creates boys to be rambunctious, rowdy, to play with toy guns and pretend to be cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. We need boys to play like this. Our society needs to let boys be boys. Sure, they need to follow the rules at school and obey the law, but don't try to feminize them and take away their toy guns or their rowdiness. Let them be and act like boys. After all, we may one day need them to harness that rowdiness, that energy to become soldiers. Thank God there are so many men who are willing to do just that.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


PRESIDENTIAL PERCENTAGES: In the 2004 Presidential election, as compared to the 2000 race, President George W. Bush increased his vote-getting percentages in several key demographic categories. His strong support of the pro-life stance and his "culture of life" rhetoric garnered him more support among Catholic voters. Bush's support for Israel, strategically mentioning it in his '04 Convention speech, raised his tally among Jewish people at the polls. As a Spanish speaking ex-Governor of a border state, he continued to exceed expectations as a Republican among Hispanic voters. And albeit a slight improvement, he was even able to increase his percentages in the Black population, possibly due to his willingness to name more Black Americans to positions of leadership in his Cabinet than any previous US President. In these four key demographics, Bush brought more people to the polls to support him in 2004. These increases were significant to his re-election. It is difficult to anticipate another Republican who might be able to do the same. Giulani's moderate brand of Republicanism might appeal to those less Conservative on social issues. McCain's lack of loyalty to the Party may bring in more independents. And Condi Rice could bring in more minority voters. Though, and I may be naive, I tend to believe her when she claims she is not running. But even with these three potential nominees, there is no Republican candidate on the horizon that I perceive as able to increase these four percentages as effectively as W did. Frist isn't charismatic enough to do it. Allen isn't well-known enough. I think the media has made Newt too much of a polarizing figure. So who's left? I fear no one. And that troubles me.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005


SAY YOU DIDN'T SENATOR: I am distressed to hear that US Senator George Allen (R-Virginia) advocated that President Bush meet a second time with Cindy Sheehan. I think that is a horrible idea. It would set a dangerous precedent of presidents catering to anti-war protestors. The President was gracious enough to meet with her once. She is distraught and loony and dangerous and frankly he does not need to meet with her any more. Senator Allen was my frontrunner for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. But now I will have to rethink this. His advice was unwise.

MEDIA MATTERS: Please check out my additional blog Professor Media Matters.


Sunday, August 07, 2005


SIMPLE SUNDAY: Mrs. Media Matters has a good list of simple pleasures to enjoy on a lazy Sunday. So I thought I'd add to the list a few of my own.

1. Climbing in the car, turning on the radio and hearing your favorite song.

2. Cold pizza the next morning.

3. Getting a check in the mail that you weren't expecting.

4. Receiving an unexpected compliment.

5. Making a child smile.

6.The audience's laughter when you're onstage performing a comedy.

7. pumpkin pie ice cream in the fall.

8. The change of the leaves during autumn in Oregon.

9. An awesome episode of Alias with a kick-butt cliffhanger.

10. My wife's kiss.

SNOW IT ALL: Tony Snow filled in for one of my favorite conservative commentators, Fred Barnes, on yesterday's version of The Beltway Boys on the Fox News Channel. Tony looked very old and gaunt. According to his Web site, though, Tony is feeling better in his battle with cancer. But no matter how he looked, Tony still shined as that smart, moral voice that I grew to appreciate when he hosted Fox News Sunday. I only wish we got his daily radio program here in Sacramento.


Saturday, August 06, 2005


IN A FIXX: The wife and I went to a concert this week. Yes, we can still rock with the best of them. Ok, I can't, never could, but I like to pretend every once in a while. We saw The Fixx on stage, an 80's British rock band from our high school era. The Mrs. tells me they had 4 hit songs in the US, but I only remember two of them. It was a great concert, full of people our age, trying to re-live their school daze. Why is it that all of us men from the 80s are now outta shape and outta style? It seemed like all the men there were pudgy or balding or both. I still have my hair, though now it's rapidly growing out of my nose and probably my ears soon, too. But I sure have packed on the pounds. AARGGH! At least I'm not alone.

RIDE THE THIRD WAVE: Our buddy ThirdWaveDave is back to regular blogging. Yeah! I check him out daily (at least) and always enjoy when he takes on the big boys like Pepsico and little Dickie Durbin. Dave, glad to have you back. Keep up the good work.

SKY HIGH HIT: I ventured to the box office this summer Saturday. I saw the new Disney flick Sky High with my best friend and his family. It is a cheesy but fun family film. Based upon the size of the audience in our theater for the opening weekend, I predict it will be a modest hit. It's good to see Kurt Russell back in some Disney pictures on a regular basis. I remember him from my youth as a Disney star in shows like The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. His previous Disney movie, Miracle, was top-notch entertainment. On a side note, except for my step-daughter, I think my best friends' kids may be the cutest on the planet.

MADAME PRESIDENT?: Mrs. Media Matters starts an engaging and important discussion on whether Hillary Clinton has a chance at becoming US President. It's a scary thought. But nevertheless a possibility we must face. Through a look at a speech Clinton gave in college, the Mrs. lays out why she feels Clinton is unworthy of high office. I agree with her and Republican bloggers must start now blogging early and often about this woman and the disaster her leadership would be to the nation. I'd like to rest on my laurels from the hard work of the last election and just assume the Democrats can't win. Yet, with the possibility of another Clinton debasing the oval office, we cannot afford to let that happen. Hellary needs to be stopped and put in her place.

KUDOS TO KATHERINE: Katherine Harris has apparently decided to run for the US Senate in Florida. Currently a Congresswoman, some in the Republican party are trying to dissuade her from seeking higher office. Why? She has been nothing but loyal to the President and the party. Her courage and leadership in the 2000 election fiasco as the Secretary of State who certified Bush's win in Florida has earned her the support of the faithful. I don't understand or appreciate those who would like to antagonize her further advancement.


Friday, August 05, 2005


FIRST BUBBA: What if, God forbid, Hillary Clinton becomes US President. What will we call her husband? First Bubba? First Lay Me? Let's just hope we never have to worry about it.

BREATHE: I love the new song by Anna Nalick. The lyrics are really poetic, and the message is simple. When life overwhelms you, just remember to "Breathe." It helps that it's super catchy, too. Almost as catchy as the theme to the Sean Hannity Show.

ADOPT A CLUE: It looks as though the NY Times is admitting it pried into the adoption records of Judge John Roberts' children. That is so sleazy. These children are so young they may not even know yet that they are adopted. And yet the liberals are talking about it like it's everyone's business. IT'S NOT! The liberal media has lost all sense of appropriateness. They're probably sifting through Roberts' garbage, too.


Thursday, August 04, 2005


If this story about the NY Times and John Roberts' children is true, I will be sooooo angry. I will hold my anger until it is confirmed. And if it is, this good Christian boy will be pi**ed.

I don't want Condi Rice to run for President in 2008. At this time, my man is still Senator George Allen of Virginia. He's conservative, and he speaks out against some of the mamby-pambys amongst the Democrats and even in his own party.

The current rave in TV programming is dance shows. First there was Dancing with the Stars and now it's "So you think you can Dance?" What's next a return of Dance Fever? AARGH! Better yet, I can dance, give me my own show! I like that idea. Watch out Regis, here I come.

Who cares if Nick and Jessica are fighting. Get over it. Thank goodness my wife and I don't make the tabloids everytime we fight. We don't, do we? I guess if I got my own show we would. Does my own blog count?

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Is it just me, or has Hugh Hewitt been going on too many vacations lately? AARGH! Oh well, it's just driving me to Hannity. I am becoming Hannitized.

Zell Miller (former Senator from Georgia) has got to be the most decent Democrat on the planet. If only more were like him. Instead we get stuck with the Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, Schumer, Clinton brigade.

I just finished John Grisham's book Rainmaker. I highly recommend it. It is a page turner. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but overall it was very entertaining. Next up, I plan to finish A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. The best time to read is while you're exercising.

My wife gets home from work before I do. Therefore, she controls the remote. AARGH! As a result, she has much to say about rea-lamo TV.