Sunday, May 29, 2005


I am very discouraged to hear that US Senator John Thune (R - SD) is going to vote against the nomination of John Bolton to be U.N. Ambassador. Thune was elected by conservative Republicans nationwide who poured blood, sweat, tears and money into his race to help him defeat former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Sure, I'm grateful Daschle has been dashed out of the Senate. Still, I am ticked that Thune is not staying true to his conservative credentials. Whatever the reason, I think his willingness to abandon the President's agenda so early in his Senate career is a bad sign. And a frustrating one, too. Encourage him to reconsider here.



Thursday, May 26, 2005


Alias' cliffhanger last night was top-notch. And it totally reminds me of things that happened in season one. Remember when Sydney's fiance Danny was killed as she began to tell him secrets about her work? Well, last night, it appears Vaughn may have been killed as he attempted to tell Sydney his secrets. A few weeks ago I wrote about how Alias may need to retire because of Jennifer Garner's pregnancy. I still feel that is a viable option. However, the show has regained much of it's original lustre. And that is because it has returned to the strengths of the earlier seasons. For example:

1) Sloane is bad again! It's about time!
2) They are returning to ending episodes with drama, cliffhanger type storytelling.
3) Sydney and Vaughn are a full-fledged item again.
4) The original gang is back together: Syd, Dixon, Jack, Marshall, etc.
5) Irina is back in the game.

There are still some things I don't completely like, such as Nadia overshadowing Sydney at times, and sometimes Sloane's evilness is overly ambiguous. But I can overlook these things if the other elements remain in place. Jack punching Sloane last night was awesome! And I loved his line about deciding to "have more fun."

Long Live Sydney Bristow.



Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Well, I am still upset with those 7 Republicans for wimping out and making a deal to avoid the "nuclear" option. I think the deal is bad and I suspect the Democrats will try and filibuster soon. Nevertheless, I am delighted that Priscilla Owen has finally been confirmed. IT ONLY TOOK 4 YEARS!!! She deserved better. And what's with Lincoln Chafee voting against her. The guy is a total RINO and I would love to see him lose in 2006.



Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Several things to be discouraged about on this Tuesday morning.

1. I am disappointed in the deal cut by Democrat and Republican moderates on the judicial filibuster issue. Any deal that has Sen. Robert Byrd (D- WV) excited is definitely unacceptable. Why don't the Republicans have the guts to take the fight to the extreme? They abandoned President Bush's nominees and Senator Frist's leadership for the sake of their own comfort levels. AARGH!

2. Our society now thinks of Mary Kay LeTourneau (or as I call her, Le Say No!) as a celebrity. Proof positive of this is the fact that Entertainment Tonight and The Insider paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover her wedding to her former student. This woman and this event are not something to be celebrated. She is a sick criminal who raped a 12-year-old boy. Just because they are now getting married doesn't make this story any less disgusting.

3. A fine TV season is nearing an end. And we have 4-5 months of reruns and lame reality shows to endure until the fall season begins again. The dance themed reality show ABC keeps promoting is laughable. The Mrs. and I enjoyed a number of quality dramas this season: Lost, Alias, House and two solid reality programs, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Apprentice. We will miss them until September.

4. Despite hearty efforts from ThirdWaveDave and other bloggers, the Pepsico middle finger issue doesn't seem to have taken off in the mainstream media. That is a shame. I can only guess that they are doing one of two things: 1) protecting a fellow liberal or 2) cowering in fear that if they cover the story Pepsi will cutback on their advertising dollars. In any case, what their CFO said in public during a graduation speech is abysmal. And I hope Pepsi pays a price for it one way or another.



Saturday, May 21, 2005


When I was a kid in Sunday School we used to sing "I'm in the Lord's Army." They probably don't sing it in churches anymore because it's not very PC. But it went something like this.

I may never march in the infantry
or ride in the cavalry
or shoot the artillery
I may never fly o'er the enemy
but I'm in the Lord's army

It had really cool hand motions, too, that let you act like you were a soldier. Well, that's as close as I got because I never served in the actual military. But I highly respect the men and women who do. I have faith in their Commander in Chief, and their mission. And I am passionate about wanting them to know that the American public supports them. I know sometimes things don't look like they are going very well over in Iraq. But that is largely the fault of the media. US armed forces are accomplishing a lot of noble things in the name of peace and democracy for the Middle East. And we should be proud of them.

Up until now my support of the troops has largely been through blogging and prayer. But recently my church started sponsoring a unit serving in Iraq. Every few weeks Mrs. Media Matters and I have the chance to donate cookies, books, phone cards, makeup items, DVDs and the like. They are shipped over to this unit. One of the men in the unit is from the town where I attend church. And we also get to bless his family with gifts and notes of encouragement. I feel really good and excited about this opportunity. I feel like it is my small contribution to these brave men and women and their mission. I'm thankful for this opportunity and for their sacrifice.



Friday, May 20, 2005


I am up early this Friday morning. So I have time on my hands. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you're gonna get a bunch of my opinions.

1. Kendra won season 3 of The Apprentice. We all knew she would, and deservedly so. Early in the season I predicted Alex or Tana would win it all. I was wrong. Tana had a chance, but her ego-centric, foul-mouthed change through the weeks ultimately did her in. Like The Donald, I was surprised that her team was as nice to her as they were. Tana tanked.

2. My hero, Hugh Hewitt and my friend, ThirdWaveDave are all over the Pepsi story. Hugh will have updates today for sure. And check out Dave's site for links to contact Pepsi. Their CFO should be fired for blatantly anti-American comments. I am so sick and tired of the liberal elite bashing the US. We are the most benevolent, God-fearing country on the planet. Without us, most of the rest of the world would suffer greatly and have nothing to strive for. It irks me that so many rich and famous people think it is trendy and a fun sport to pick on the United States of America. You know what, go live somewhere else. And leave the US to those of us who are patriotic and proud.

3. A two-hour Alias on Wednesday was awesome. After the first hour they had a real cliffhanger again. When Alias is good, it is one of the best dramas on TV. Lately it has bandied back and forth between awesome and mediocre. But I am glad to see they are hitting their stride again just in time for the season finale. They are really making Nadia a major character. My guess is that is how they will shift the focus for season 5, since Jennifer Garner is now pregnant. A pregnant Sydney Bristow can't kick butt quite as obviously as she has in the past.

4. Tuesday looks like showdown day in the US Senate. My hope is that they don't reach a compromise, and the Republicans have enough support to exercise the constitutional, or "nuclear" option. Priscilla Owen and Jancie Rogers Brown deserve that much support.

5. Mrs. Media Matters new blog should be desitnation reading everyday. She is always so enthusiastic about what she is going to write. And she is one smart, opionated, spunky lady. So check it out.



Wednesday, May 18, 2005


My wife has been bugging me a lot lately to blog more regularly. She is pumped because her new blog, Mrs. Media Matters is really taking off. So in order to make her happy, here are some random thoughts from Rich.

1. Newsweek should change their name to Newswreck! (or Newsreek) I cannot believe what they did. And they have shown so little remorse for it. The MSM is a disgrace.

2. Last night's episode of House on Fox was superb. I liked the new way of story-telling. Cutting back and forth between Dr. House teaching his class and in the hospital with his patients was very clever. And all three patients were possibly facing the same outcome, leg amputation. A very well written episode. Plus, there was less of that sophmorish attempt to over-sexualize everything on that show.

3. I am THRILLED that the Senate is debating judicial nominees. That means the Republicans will have to exercise the constitutional, or "nuclear" option soon. It is about time. Now let's just hope and pray they have the votes to pass it.

4. Another new blog I have come across is ThirdWaveDave. He's a good guy. Check out his stuff.



Thursday, May 12, 2005


Neener, Neener, Neener. My wife is a published poet. And a very talented writer in general. She also has a robust sense of humor. Last night she made me laugh out loud in bed. I was rolling. She's smart, and feisty and opinionated. Check her out for yourself on her new blog Mrs. Media Matters (but not really). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be jealous she's not your wife.



Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I used to always write "Long Live Sydney Bristow." Now I am having second thoughts. If the rumors are true about Jennifer Garner being pregnant with Ben Affleck's baby (and they apparently are since it has been reported by the Associated Press), then ABC should pull the plug on Alias. Make this season the last. Alias is a great show, known for its sexy disguises and kick butt action. With Garner 5 months pregnant by the time Alias goes into production on season 5, she really won't be in a position to perform the dangerous stunts and action sequences. And without the high-adrenaline, action element, Alias will become just another soap opera. If I were ABC, I would get out now and end the show on a high note. You've finished your 88 episodes for syndication. Stop now. Don't let Sydney Bristow wither into nighttime drama boredom.



Sunday, May 08, 2005


Mrs. Media Matters and I enjoyed a Mother's Day matinee of the new Sandra Bullock comedy, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. We both loved it. Bullock has impeccable comic timing and great on screen chemistry. I enjoy just about everything she is in. I think this movie may be as funny as the first one. There are a few holes in the plot, but the crowded theater we watched this movie with didn't seem to mind. It is very entertaining. And the Mrs. and I highly recommend it.

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Media Matters.


Thursday, May 05, 2005


I loved last night's episode of Alias. The plot twist of having Sydney pretend to be her mother in order to coax information out of her dying father was brilliant. The acting was superb, as always. When will Jennifer Garner and Victor Garber finally receive the Emmys they deserve? I have been a little flustered by the plotlines of Alias this year. What is with the two Sloanes? And when are they going to return to that story line? But I suppose that is typical of Alias. Nevertheless, last night's episode was one of the strongest of the season.

Rich Seiber


Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Sometimes things just hit you...hard. The other day I was struck in a very profound way by how grateful I am to God that he has allowed George W. Bush to be our president. As I started to think about it, I got very emotional. I believe President Bush is a decent, godly man. And we are lucky to have him as our Commander in Chief during this very difficult time. Because he is decent and godly, I believe he faces a lot of opposition and even persecution from the other side. The media does all it can to belittle him. The democrats try to demonize him and obstruct his views on abortion, gay marriage and judicial nominees. He is a man of faith, and these are issues of faith. And I am so thankful that George W. Bush is the man God put in charge of the United States.

Rich Seiber