Thursday, April 28, 2005


Two of my favorite broadcasters, Tony Snow and Laura Ingraham are both currently undergoing battles with cancer. Although it sounds like both are doing well, prayers and well-wishes are still needed. I first got to know Tony as the host of Fox News Sunday. I always appreciated his conservative, faith-based commentaries at the end of each show. Now Tony hosts a daily talk radio program nationwide. And Laura is also a nationwide conservative talk radio host. She is funny and smart and her show is very entertaining. I am also enjoying her book Shut Up and Sing. I am thankful both of these people are on the frontlines of talk radio. And I wish them both the speediest of recoveries. My prayers are with them.

Rich Seiber


Sunday, April 24, 2005


Some of the promos/commercials for the new U.N.-themed movie The Interpreter actually make it look interesting. It might be an intriguing mystery. But I refuse to see it in the theaters. Anything that tries to make the despicable, corrupt, America-hating U.N. look respectable is bad news in my book. I think we should boycott it at the box office. As if Sean Penn's politics weren't questionable enough, he decides to star in this film. I hope it bombs at the box office.

And while we're talking about the U.N. Kofi Annan must go. And John Bolton, the President's nominee for US Ambassador to the U.N., should be confirmed.

Rich Seiber


Saturday, April 23, 2005


I love Mrs. Media Matters. But we are drastically different people and we often don't agree. One of our biggest disagreements is routinely about season three of The Apprentice. Actually, every season of The Apprentice has led us to argue. Thankfully, it's never led to one of us saying to the other, "you're fired." But there are times when The Apprentice angst gets so real that I suggest that married couples watch the program separately. In any case, regular readers of this blog will know that early on I trumpeted the talents of Alex. Lately he has fallen on hard times and given a lackluster performance. Actually, both of my early predictions, Alex and Tana, have disappointed me lately. Tana has been a foul-mouthed, attention-seeking nuisance the last few weeks. She is annoying. Nevertheless, they both have succeeded to make it into the final four. I'm not sure I have a favorite any longer. Though I continue to claim that there may be pressure on Mark Burnett, Donald Trump and NBC to name a female or a minority as this season's Apprentice. If that is the case, it's curtains for Alex. I guess Tana probably still has the best shot. But Kendra has been sharp the last few weeks. I think Craig is a long shot. But I could be wrong. If I am, chances are Mrs. Media Matters will be right.

Rich Seiber


Friday, April 22, 2005


Here are my thoughts on a variety of political topics.

1) I am extremely disappointed in the Republican leadership in the US Senate. I believe Senate Majority Leader Frist has badly damaged his presidential aspirations with his poor performance during the Bolton nomination and judicial filibuster situations. If the vote to exercise the constitutional option doesn't occur by early May, I think the Republicans will have ticked off a MAJOR portion of their base, including me (and Hugh Hewitt.)

2) Sen. Voinovich is such a wimp for causing problems during the Bolton nomination process. I hear Move America Forward already has ads out that target him. Good for them. Let's hope Colin Powell's supposed meddling in the process doesn't influence anyone else. I don't understand how the Republicans can have such a strong leader in the President and still lack the clarity and conviction and courage to follow in his footsteps.

3) If the Republicans allow the media and the Democrats to continue to inflict harm on Rep. Tom Delay and possibly force him out of his leadership position, that will be a HUGE shame. Delay is effective. And that is why so many on the Left are scared of him. Republicans need to come out in full force in support of Delay. It needs to be long and loud.

4) I am so disheartened to learn that US Senator Rick Santorum (R - Pennsylvania) is worried about poll numbers in the judicial fight issue. I saw Senator Santorum as a possible presidential or vice presidential nominee for the Republicans in 2008. But if he really is as timid as he appears to be in the constitutional option fight, then forgetaboutit. I deeply appreciate his conservatism. But his leadership skills appear to be lacking. Let's hope a strong Republican like Sen. George Allen ( R- Virginia) or Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R - Minnesota) can rise to the top of the 2008 race. And here's hoping that Kennedy relative Ray Reggie brings down Sen. Clinton ( D- New York) with his taped conversations about her 2000 campaign fundraising.

That's enough venting for now. My blood is boiling and I need to calm down.

Rich Seiber


Thursday, April 21, 2005


Happy Birthday to Mrs. Media Matters. The celebration continues through this Sunday. So you still have time to wish her well. She is a gem.

The Mrs. and I saw Hitch over the weekend. It was a very enjoyable romantic comedy. It was nice to see Will Smith get back to comedy again after so many attempts at action-thrillers. Hat tip to Will for reminding me of that. Honestly, though, I thought there was better chemistry between two supporting characters, Albert and Allegra, than between Smith and his leading lady, Eva Mendes. They were still fun to watch, though, too. All in all, I would highly recommend this romantic romp.

Rich Seiber


Sunday, April 17, 2005


I have finished E-mailing or mailing all 55 Republican US Senators regarding the "nuclear" option. I am surprised at how much anger this issue has generated in me. It is a fairness issue and that always revs me up. The President's judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote. And the Republicans in the Senate need to grow a spine and make sure they each get one. I am tired of Republicans not follwing in their leader's footsteps. George W. Bush is bold and couragous. His counterparts in Congress often leave much to be desired in those areas. They need to step up to the plate SOON and make something happen.

In a related note, I think it is good for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to participate in "Justice Sunday." Godspeed!

In less significant matters:

1) I was disappointed to see Boone die on Lost. If a character had to be killed off, I would have preferred to see his annoying sister Shannon go. Or possibly the character played by Daniel Dae Kim. They are my least favorites on the show.

2) Does anyway else struggle with the frustrating problem of getting defective movies from Netflix? Every DVD Mrs. Media Matters and I get is scratched or damaged and often completely unwatchable. We love Netflix, but this factor is frustrating.

Rich Seiber


Friday, April 15, 2005


I feel strongly about the judicial nomination process and President Bush's desire to get conservatives on the bench. Therefore, at the urging of my radio guru Hugh Hewitt, I have been writing the following E-mail to every Republican in the US Senate. I urge you to do the same.

Dear Senator _________:

As a conservative I strongly support Pres. Bush's judicial nominees. The Republicans in the US Senate must exercise the nuclear option SOON or they will lose my support.

Rich Seiber


Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Months after losing the Presidential election fairly and squarely to Republican George W. Bush, Democrat John F. Kerry is still whining about it. He laments that Democratic voters were "denied" their right to vote because of long lines and their own stupidity. AARGH! These Democrats' and their complaints drive me crazy. How could anyone vote for them? Instead of taking responsibility for a poorly run campaign on his part, he is blaming someone else for his troubles. I really can't say it any better than Powerline.


Sunday, April 10, 2005


Earlier in my blogging days, I complained about liberal Ceci ConnElly's appearances on the Fox News Sunday panel. Since I blogged about it, Ceci has rarely appeared, if at all. Maybe I have more power and influence than I thought. (Ha!)

In any case, if I could make the same thing happen again, this time I would single out Juan Williams. Juan is a looney liberal, who today said the President attended the Pope's funeral to gain the Catholic vote. As Mrs. Media Matters pointed out, and she is far less conservative than I am (though still a Republican), Bush doesn't need to build up the Catholic vote. He already has it. And he can't run for reelection again anyway. True, the trip to the Pope's funeral may help the Republicans earn even more of the Catholic vote. But that is not why George W. Bush attended the Holy Father's funeral.

Instead, he went because he was deeply moved by the man's faith and appreciated his contributions to the world. Bush spoke openly and eloquently about how moved he was by the service and how it affirmed his faith in a living God. Our President wanted to honor Pope John Paul II's legacy. And he wanted to strengthen his own faith in doing so. There were no political motives behind it.

Many other major political leaders attended the Pope's funeral as well, including Jacques Chirac. It was appropriate for our leader to attend as well. Juan is silly for suggesting otherwise.

Rich Seiber


Saturday, April 09, 2005


I haven't blogged in a while. So here are some of my thoughts on a number of issues, both media and political.

1) The Republicans in the Senate must exercise the nuclear option and allow the President's judicial nominations to get an up or down vote. The time is now. We need real leadership from US Senator Bill Frist on this issue. And we need every Republican Senator to support it. I want to believe that Hugh Hewitt is right when he says that no Republican can be a serious candidate for President in 2008 without supporting the nuclear option. Did you hear that Senator John McCain?

2) Mrs. Media Matters and I thoroughly enjoyed the CBS movie "Saving Milly." It is the story of Fox News Channel's Mort Kondracke and his wife Milly's battle with Parkinson's Disease. It was a moving and inspirational story. And I especially appreciated the appropriate touches of faith in the film.

3) Netflix is one of the best investments the Mrs. and I have made. We have seen a number of quality films through our monthly subscription.

4) I am sick of those on the left who are complaining about the President's decision to have the flags lowered in honor of Pope John Paul II. This is not a violation of church and state. It is an appropriate gesture to honor a Head of State and a godly world leader.



Monday, April 04, 2005


If ever there was a block of TV programming designed for viewing by the entire family, it would seem to me it would have to be Sunday night on ABC. The back to back hours of America's Funniest Home Videos and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are great TV companions. The humor and heartfelt emotions are ideal for children of all ages. Mrs. Media Matters and I love both programs. If you have small children at home, I would highly recommend you make these two programs appointment viewing. It's great to have shows that the whole family enjoys and you don't have to worry about foul language or inappropriate content. Kudos ABC for programming this 7-9 PM block on Sundays.



Saturday, April 02, 2005


If Pope John Paul II's death is really as imminent as the media is telling us it is, then this is indeed an appropriate time to be heaping praise on this godly man. I am not a Catholic, but as a Christian I believe he has contributed much to the spiritual health of the world. What I most admire about him is the same quality that I most admire about President George W. Bush. Both men are giant supporters of the right to life movement. Even with the recent Terri Schiavo fiasco, both were outspoken advocates for keeping Terri alive and promoting a "culture of life." I appluad their efforts. And if and when the Pope dies, this world will be losing a powerful pro life voice.

Rich Seiber